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Enku Shoji tattooing


Fill out the form to book your free, no obligation consultation with Enku. He is in the studio from Saturday until Wednesday and will do his best to work out a time that suits your schedule. Please note that if you would like to make a booking a cash deposit is necessary.

Our address

1 Pemberton Street,
Botany 2019

Call: 02 9316 4565
Email: info@enkutattoo.com

Enku Social

Custom tattooist


Tattoos made to last


Unique and Individual


Japanese and Oriental specialist


Bold, Clean & Solid



Custom Tattooist based in Sydney Australia

Japanese/Oriental Specialist

Enku prides himself on his customer service, communication, and creating a positive tattoo experience.



About Enku


  • Got a tattoo by Enku and I totally love it! He took all I wanted for my motif and made the best out of it! It was a pleasure to meet him and get tattoed by him! It's a totally nice atmosphere in the studio, I enjoyed it! Thanks so much!
    Anna Aschberger
  • Enku did an excellent job in both his design and tattoo skills, as well as making me feel more comfortable throughout the process. Would reccomend for first timers.
  • From consultation to now (three tattooing sessions totaling over 15 hrs) Enku has been great. Even though faced with the daunting task of my design, he has been nothing but positive, easy to work with and as we are about half way through, the tattoo is starting to take shape and is looking great. Even though i had the option to choose other studios known to me, i decided to go with Authentink based on their work and online reviews which speak for themselves. So far it has been a great experience as the atmosphere is great and most importantly the work is quality. Whether their answering the phone or door, cleaning or tattooing, it is evident Kian runs a tight ship as his crew are fast on their feet, professional and meticulous - and this shows throughout. Have been inside a few studios in NSW and it is my opinion that these guys are at the top of their game. Looking forward to completion and will be reviewing again then....
    Joe Joes
  • I came here for my first tattoo and couldn't rate the studio highly enough! Enku did such a brilliant job on my tattoo, I'm beyond happy with it and would recommend him to anyone. All the artists there were super friendly and welcoming and the quality of work I saw coming in and out while I was there was awesome to see. Thanks guys!! I will definitely be coming back!
  • These guys are great!! Enku was awesome, helped design a perfect tat for me from my explanation of what I was looking for and what I wanted it to represent. Everything was sterilised and my tattoo looks awesome (very clean and detailed) and has healed perfectly 🙂
    Ally Falzon
  • Finished my Buddha sleeve with Enku today. I couldn't be happier with the result! What a top job he did! All in all an awesome studio with quality work being produced by all the artists. Highly recommended.
    Scarlett Dennis