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Enku Shoji tattooing


Fill out the form to book your free, no obligation consultation with Enku. He is in the studio from Saturday until Wednesday and will do his best to work out a time that suits your schedule. Please note that if you would like to make a booking a cash deposit is necessary.

Our address

1 Pemberton Street,
Botany 2019

Call: 02 9316 4565
Email: info@enkutattoo.com

Enku Social

Custom tattooist


Tattoos made to last


Unique and Individual


Japanese and Oriental specialist


Bold, Clean & Solid



Custom Tattooist based in Sydney Australia

Japanese/Oriental Specialist

Enku prides himself on his customer service, communication, and creating a positive tattoo experience.



About Enku


  • my artist was enku... and he did my tattoo amazingly well... he customised it beautifully... amazing customer service.... had to wait a bit but was totally worth it... dint mind waiting though 🙂 thank u so much guys....would get myself inked again soon ... 🙂
    stargaze events
  • Just got my family tree done by Enku, I am over the moon by the detail and the whole design I couldn't have asked for a better job! I am so glad I went there I just felt so relaxed and Enku was just amazing and so friendly, always made sure I was okay! BEST TATTOOIST AND CUSTOMER SERVICE!! Recommend everyone to go here.
    Ashley Himsworth
  • I did some research online and came across Authent/Ink and after visiting was really impressed with how clean and hygienic the studio is, very professional with a fun, cool vibe. Enku has just done my first tattoo for me and I love it! Enku made me feel completely relaxed and at ease and I look forward to going back to get my second one done with him. I highly recommend Authent/Ink studio.
    Leah Wall
  • Awesome tattoo design and service by Enku and the rest of the team at Authentink. Definitely recommended if you live or visit Sydney. Thanks guys!
    Tom Cross
  • Fantastic job done by enku today! all the stuff is super friendly and professional. great atmosphere as well. awesome shop to get a tatt!
    Steffen B
  • My friend and I had tattoos done at Authentink Studio and it was an excellent experience!! The line work on my dragon looks amazing!! Will be going back to get an existing piece reworked. Thanks for the ink and laughs Enku!! You da man!!
    Vanessa W